In 1993 an accident left my friend, Roger, paralyzed-He died Feb 2019-family needs to sell these- 

    we checked the web and these seem like average prices


    $40,000 2016 Chrysler Town & Country Van

     Roger paid $33,000 for van) 38,352 miles. $78,000 additional QUADRIPLEGIC modifications were added so he could drive it. (Email below to receive a copy of these modifications)-wheelchair below locks in place behind steering wheel.

     See photo gallery below 


    $4,500 Premobil C500 Electric wheelchair

    With new Roho Cushion and   

    Permobil Power Wheelchair Charger-wheelchair locks in place behind steering wheel in van-   

    Marcsmobility lists similar chair new $38,000 used $8,999

    ebay has one for  4495  

    See photo gallery below 


    $5,000 Hi-Lo Flex-A-Bed with Moxi

     $5,000 includes BOTH Hi Lo Flex-A-Bed with Moxi Select Series Fusion Hybred Select Advanced Low Air Loss System.
    Hi Lo Flexabed without Moxi lists from medical supply for sale USED $3,795  

    See photo gallery below 

    MoxiUSA lists this system new for $5,

    for more information please email me at my email address at the bottom.


    $300 Hoyer Lift Hydraulic Manual with 2 slings

    See photo gallery below 


    $1,000 Shower chair Activeaid model 285/18

     tilt in space on a Stainless Steel frame designed to accommodate up to 350 pounds.Retail over $2,000. See photo Gallery below.


    $400 Both Roho dry Flotation Quadro Cushion AND Mattress

    Used  Roho dry Flotation Quadro Cushion  on Ebay lists $`198; Roho mattress used lists $299

    See Photo Gallery below.